Doctoral Programme in Informatics.

Places: 40

Languages: Spanish, Valencian and English

Latest completed PhD Thesis

Context-aware Plan Repair in Environments shared by Multiple Agents

Author: Mohannad Babli

Supervisor: Sapena Vercher, Oscar; Onaindia De La Rivaherrera, Eva (21-SEP-23). [View Thesis]

Distributed Cryptographic Protocols

Author: Antonio Manuel Larriba Flor

Supervisor: Sempere Luna, José María ; López Rodríguez, Damián (08-SEP-23). [View Thesis]

Information Retrieval Based on DOM trees

Author: Julián Alarte Aleixandre

Supervisor: Silva, Josep (18-JUL-23). [View Thesis]

Computational Argumentation for the Automatic Analysis of Argumentative Discourse and Human Persuasion

Author: Ramon Ruiz Dolz

Supervisor: Heras, Stella ; García-Fornes, A (08-JUN-23). [View Thesis]

User eXperience evaluation on university virtual learning through sentiment analysis

Author: Rosario Sanchis Font

Supervisor: Castro-Bleda, Maria Jose (12-MAY-23). [View Thesis]

Transformer models for Machine Translation and Streaming Automatic Speech Recognition

Author: Pau Baquero Arnal

Supervisor: Juan, Alfons (25-APR-23). [View Thesis]