Doctoral Programme in Informatics.

Places: 40

Languages: Spanish, Valencian and English

Latest completed PhD Thesis

Estimación del comportamiento biomecánico del hígado y la mama in vivo utilizando algoritmos avanzados.

Author: Sandra Martínez Sanchís

Supervisor: C. Monserrat (29-MAY-24). [View Thesis]

Enhancing industrial process interaction using deep learning, semantic layers, and augmented reality

Author: Juan Jesús Izquierdo Doménech

Supervisor: Linares-Pellicer, Jordi (23-MAY-24). [View Thesis]

Distributed Intersection Management Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicles

Author: César Leonardo González Pinzón

Supervisor: Alberola Oltra, Juan Miguel ; Julian, Vicente (12-APR-24). [View Thesis]

A Framework for Conceptual Characterization of Ontologies and its Application in the Cybersecurity Domain

Author: Beatriz Franco Martins Souza

Supervisor: Pastor López, Oscar ; Reyes-Román, José Fabián (12-APR-24). [View Thesis]

Towards Search-based Game Software Engineering

Author: Daniel Blasco Latorre

Supervisor: Pastor López, Oscar (15-MAR-24). [View Thesis]

Design and implementation of a model-driven software production method: from strategy to code

Author: René Alejandro Noel López

Supervisor: Pastor López, Oscar (12-MAR-24). [View Thesis]