Doctoral Programme in Informatics.

Places: 40

Languages: Spanish, Valencian and English

Latest completed PhD Thesis

Streaming Automatic Speech Recognition with Hybrid Architectures and Deep Neural Network Models

Author: Javier Jorge Cano

Supervisor: Civera Saiz, Jorge; Juan, Alfons (21-NOV-22). [View Thesis]

Modeling and analysis of advanced cryptographic primitives and security protocols in Maude-NPA

Author: Damián Aparicio Sánchez

Supervisor: Escobar Román, Santiago (17-NOV-22). [View Thesis]

Experimentation to Evaluate the Benefits of Model Driven Development

Author: María África Domingo Montes

Supervisor: Pastor López, Oscar (12-JUL-22). [View Thesis]

Inference and Learning with Planning Models

Author: Diego Aineto García

Supervisor: Onaindia De La Rivaherrera, Eva ; Jiménez-Celorrio, Sergio (01-JUL-22). [View Thesis]

Deep Neural Networks for Automatic Speech-To-Speech Translation of Open Educational Resources

Author: Alejandro Manuel Pérez González de Martos

Supervisor: Sanchis Navarro, José Alberto ; Juan, Alfons (15-JUN-22). [View Thesis]

A navigational role-centric model oriented Web approach MoWebA

Author: Magalí González Toñánez

Supervisor: Pastor López, Oscar (14-FEB-22). [View Thesis]