Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (VRAIN), of the Universitat Politècnica de València is composed of researchers belonging to 8 research groups: Language Engineering and Pattern Recognition (ELiRF), Automata, Formal Languages and its Applications (ALFA), Extensions of Logic Programming (ELP), Machine Learning and Language Processing (MLLP), Computer Technology and Artificial Intelligence (GTIIA) and Multiparadigm Software Technology (MIST), Interactive Technologies Lab (VertexLit), and the Research Center on Software Production Methods (PROS) of the Universitat Politècnica de València. With more than 30 years of experience in different lines of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the groups that make up VRAIN are national and international references in AI research and their results are supported by their extensive scientific production. In fact, with 176 researchers, VRAIN is one of the largest AI research centers in Spain.

VRAIN’s research activity revolves around twelve main research areas: Natural Language Processing, Planning and Reasoning, Software Verification and Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Natural Computing, Computational Logic and Automatic Reasoning, Intelligent Agents and Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Security, Information Systems Engineering, Software Engineering Testing, Autonomic Computing, Self-Adaptation and Human Interaction, and Genomic Data Science and Genomic Information Systems. These research areas are applied to the development of innovative applications in a large number of strategic sectors such as health, agriculture, industry, privacy/security, autonomous robots, services and energy, and environmental sustainability. These activities have been funded by more than 135 projects obtained through competitive funding, mainly from the European Union, but also from the National Research Plan, the Valencian Research Plan and Technology Transfer Projects. The total funding obtained since 2000 exceeds 18 million euros. VRAIN researchers in these fields have chaired the main Artificial Intelligence conferences (ECAI, AAMAS, EUMAS, IICAPS); and are board members of the main journals and organizations (EURAMAS, AEPIA). VRAIN has produced and continues to produce important scientific publications (more than 2,000 papers since then), many of which have been and are highly cited.

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Of special interest are the activities of analysis and assessment of the ethical aspects of the use and implementation of AI focusing, from a multidisciplinary vision, the general design of AI systems from an alignment of ethical, legal and social aspects, with Responsible Artificial Intelligence being the focus of the research developed.

The VRAIN institute has been recognized by the European Commission as a center of excellence in artificial intelligence (AI) research. VRAIN participates in the European TAILOR project, a key initiative for the future of AI in Europe.

VRAIN supports the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE)