Open Job Vacancies

Open Grants for Students

Send us your CV to vrain@upv. es


Postdoctoral Fellowship (ref. POSTDOC)

If you are in possession of a doctoral degree, have a good research curriculum, and are interested in our research areas, we propose you to contact us and apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship with UPV-VRAIN as hosting institution.

Pre-doctoral Grants (ref. FPI)

If you obtained your degree within the last 3 years, have a good academic record, and would like to do your PhD with us, you can apply with our support to several pre-doctoral grant programs to stay with us during the 3 years of your pre-doctoral phase.


If you have professional or research experience in our working areas, you can work with us as member of any of our current or future R&D project teams.

Postdoctoral Fellowship programmes

There are several Postdoctoral Fellowship programmes you can apply to in order to continue your research at VRAIN. We propose you to consider.