General Facilities

VRAIN has its facilities at the UPV building 1F , where it has individual offices, research laboratories and access to the common areas of the Department of Computer Systems and Computation, administration services, seminars, meeting rooms and the boardroom of the building.  

The UPV infrastructures are available to VRAIN staff and collaborators. Of particular interest are the different meeting rooms, halls and auditoriums and the audiovisual services for the organisation of meetings, as well as for the organisation of events or congresses.

Research Facilities

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Cluster: A new high-performance computing cluster for Trusted Artificial Intelligence (with the support of GVA and ERDF funds, ref: IDIFEDER/2021/059), with 20 GPUs, valued at 406.511,22€, is currently being acquired during 2022.

Scientific Cluster RIGEL: VRAIN has access to RIGEL, the supercomputing cluster of the UPV. RIGEL is equipped with 72 CPU parallel processing nodes (BX920S3 nodes, Bull R424E4 nodes and Dell Power Edge R640 nodes) and 2 dedicated GPU computing nodes (Nvidia Tesla M2075). It also includes a high-speed interconnection network and a RAID storage system that provides unified disk space to users. Access to this cluster, together with the Institute’s own huge infrastructure, makes its management and maintenance critical. Also, during 2022, an expansion of RIGEL the scientific cluster, valued at 1.5000.000€ will be acquired (with the support of Spanish Research State Agency and the European Union with Next Generation Funds, ref: EQC2021-007509-P).

Research labs: VRAIN has the following research equipment in the research labs:

  • a GPGPU computing cluster for natural language learning and processing,
  • 22 multi-core CPUs and 40 GPUs for scientific computing,
  • 3 networked storage systems,
  • a high-performance transactional server for genomic data storage,
  • a computing cluster for automatic software testing and
  • multiple cyber-physical systems laboratories with a multitude of technological devices (drones, sensors, actuators, Arduino boards, Raspberry Pis, mobile devices, high-performance nodes, ground vehicles, etc. ).