Machine Learning and Language Processing

Who we are

The Machine Learning and Language Processing (MLLP) research group is composed of researchers based at the UPV’s Valencian Research Institute on Artificial Intelligence. The MLLP group is composed of 5 PhD researchers (1 professor, 2 associate professors and 2 assistant professors at UPV) and 5 pre-doctoral researchers. MLLP members have been involved in a large number of machine learning projects since 1995 with public and private budgets; in particular with the EU through ESPRIT (EuTrans), IST (TT2) FP7 ICT (transLectures) and EU CIP (EMMA) projects, and with the Spanish government through CICYT projects (Tracom, Extra, Taval, SisHiTra, Itefte, iDoc, iTrans2, Active2Trans and MORE). Recently, the MLLP research group has been involved in the H2020 project X5gon, and the Spanish government project MultiSub..

Research Lines

Machine Learning and Applications

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence dealing with the development of theory and algorithms to build systems that can learn from data. MLLP research covers different machine learning approaches such as supervised, semisupervised, unsupervised, adaptive and deep learning. Special emphasis is put on devising accurate and efficient algorithms for real-life machine learning tasks.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. MLLP research focuses on developing state-of-the-art technology for natural language processing in many languages. The main goal is to facilitate multilingual online communication to overcome language barriers in challenging natural language tasks.

Educational Technologies and Big Data

Big data refers to a collection of huge and complex data sets which are difficult to process using conventional tools and applications for data management. Educational technologies is an area in which big data is now rapidly gaining momentum. MLLP research is devoted to the study and deployment of innovative solutions for big data processing in this area. In particular, the focus is put on the development and integration of innovative digital educational tools, solutions and services for learning and teaching.

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